TEAK 123 best teak garden furniture manufacturer wholesale in Indonesia

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SEO Contest Rules "Zakat Info & Teak123"

Date of commencement of the contest is August 10, 2011 (Hour 12:00 pm).
Expiration date of the contest is December 20, 2011 (Hour 12:00 pm).
The winner announcement made on December 25, 2011.
Each participant makes an article contest with Target Keyword: "TEAK 123 best wholesale teak garden furniture manufacturer in Indonesia" (in English) and make an anchor link to http://www.teak123.com
Adding a Logo contest "Zakat Info & Teak123."

Make any one article / free of "zakat" / "orphanage" / "orphanages" / "charity" (in Indonesian) and create an anchor link to http://www.infozakat.com
Each participant in addition to making the article contests and articles zakat, obligatory post the info / announce this contest on the domain / blogs registered for the contest. (Link http://www.infozakat.com/kontes contest must be included)
It is not allowed any element of pornography, discrimination / racial intolerance, defamation or unlawful acts in the execution of the SEO Game.
SEO contest using English as content relevance to the minimum number of words in the article of 200 words. Create content that is targeted keywords and easily understood.
Only registered participants can compete and win prizes provided by the committee.
Registration is free and open to everyone without age restrictions.
Every page entry participants should have a back link to http://www.teak123.com
One person can only get one gift. Participants may register several domains, provided the name, email, and address must be the same. Different names but the same person will be disqualified.
Domain maximum of 5 years of age.
Valid contact information must exist on websites that use the SEO contest "Zakat Info & Teak123". Email is preferred
Not using the domains and subdomains with keywords in lombakan target (do not make the 10 keyword phrases that are contested as the domain or subdomain).
Rules can be added or modified from time to time in accordance with feedback received from participants.
The target of winning the SEO contest "Zakat Info & Teak123" is the result result on Google.com There was also a favorite posts InfoZakat judging. Assessment of quality of articles is the prerogative of the jury.
For those who enroll without filling up with clear and complete address or use the email could not be contacted (valid), we asked to register again because of incomplete registration will be deleted.
For those who are caught engaging copy and paste the article, you've got 48 hours to remove it. If in time you can not cooperate with the committee, we will remove your name from the list of participants.

Keep in mind:
1. Keep in mind that when you register for SEO "Zakat & Teak123 Info", you must ensure that the entry URL you entered refers to the actual pages that you submit for the contest.
2. At the register, if there are fields that are empty or URL entry does not refer to the specifications should be, then the entry will be deleted.
3. During the contest, we will recheck the entry page to verify the age of the website.
4. Put the link-a link SEO contest "Zakat Info & Teak123" - and Logo-click more details here.
5. Participants are free to use any SEO trick in this contest, except copy and paste the articles of others and violate existing regulations.
6. 200 T-shirts Gifts cool "Zakat Info" for the 200 large on google.com who meet the requirements (registration contest + article + article + article announcement charity contest / logo)

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